Tyson Grows in Missouri

Tyson Food, Inc. is in the process of expanding its Sedalia, MO plant.  This project will allow Tyson to offer a better mix of products and more competitive prices.  A leader in the chicken processing industry, Tyson seeks to optimize the production mix at the plant while improving the facilities.  The intent is to upgrade to state-of-the-art technologies in all aspects of poultry processing with this multi-million dollar project.


Improvements and Upgrades


Some of the improvements planned for the expansion include additional deboning lines, upgrades to the wastewater treatment operations, and the development of several sections of the plant.  Improvements in the slaughter area are also planned.


Several areas of the plant will be restructured with an eye to improved ergonomics. This will improve work conditions for current employees and those who will be added as the construction proceeds.  Tyson has plans to increase employee numbers as well, with over 200 more jobs by mid 2014.


Keeping the Environment in the Forefront


The Sedalia plant has long been recognized by the American Meat Institute as being on the forefront of environmental trends.  The complex contains a hatchery, feed mill, wastewater treatment facility, live haul operations, the processing plant, and a rendering operation. The improvements planned for both the infrastructure and water treatment facilities will allow the plant to handle greater water volumes as the plant increases production with the addition of a third lagoon.  Other upgrades are also in the works.


Currently contracted with more than 125 poultry farmers in nearby counties, the Missouri plant produces fully cooked chicken products for grocery stores.  These products include patties, nuggets, wings, and breast strips used in various cooking applications.  While used primarily in home-based applications, variations of these products are also used in the food industry.


Staying on the cutting edge will allow Tyson to meet the growing needs of consumers while addressing environmental concerns and worker’s safety.

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