Kids’ Menus Start to Get a Little Healthier

We’ve written in this space on numerous occasions about the need to offer kid-friendly food that is also considered to be a healthier, lower calorie choice. The First Lady has been pushing the concept for school lunches and a number of parents, especially those who have higher levels of education have been demanding this for some time.

Changing the Menu Options on Kids’ Menus

Well, it seems that at least a few smaller restaurant chains have taken our advice to heart and are now offering revamped kids’ menus that offer kids the chance to eat healthy while still being kids.

Toronto-based Freshii Offers Healthy Kids’ Options

Freshii, a 31-restaurant chain based in Toronto was the latest to offer such a new menu, starting with a chicken quesadilla for $3.99. The sandwich is offered in honey wheat pita bread and a second option, offering fresh fruits, light cream cheese and granola is offered in a whole wheat tortilla for $3.99.

Other options on the new kids’ menu include a chicken teriyaki meal with broccoli, carrots, mushrooms and teriyaki sauce served on a bed of brown rice or rice noodles for $5.99 and a chicken noodle soup served with tomatoes and cheese for $5.99. Or, kids can also choose to create their own salad using up to four toppings and dressings for $4.99.

Austin-based Carino’s Italian Takes the Kid Menu Initiative

Another restaurant which took the low calorie kids’ menu plunge was Carino’s Italian, based in Austin, Texas. Each of the their $4.79 kids’ menu options has less than 500 calories and kids can choose from pizza pasta (spaghetti with tomato sauce and grilled chicken, pepperoni and mozzarella), chicken and broccoli with penne and Alfredo sauce, a Panini made of turkey and mozzarella, which is served with a side of mandarin oranges. Kids can also choose a plain grilled cheese Panini and grilled chicken with spaghetti and tomato sauce or Italian veggies.

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