Wendy’s Tests Out New Big Mac Style Burger

Well the next time you’re having a Big Mac attack, you may not need to head for the Golden Arches. Instead, you may just be heading for a redheaded girl in pigtails. It seems Wendy’s has decided to honor the memory of their founder, Dave Thomas, with a brand new burger. And that burger seems to bear a very suspicious resemblance to a certain double patty burger offered by the Golden Arches.

Find the DT Double in Providence, RI

Of course, Wendy’s new DT Double is not an exact clone of the popular hamburger offered by McD’s worldwide. Nor is the new burger from the third largest burger chain in the United States (after McD’s and Burger King) available just anywhere. No, on order to get this special sauce laden Big Mac wannabe you have to head out to Providence Rhode Island where the hamburger is being offered to customers for $2.49.

According to at least one blog that follows the restaurant industry, GrubGrade, the new DT Double bears a striking resemblance to the famous Big Mac. Like that burger, it features two all beef patties and it also has a pair of slices of cheese. The new burger, however, features Wendy’s special “signature sauce,” the recipe to which they are not officially revealing. There is also lettuce, tomato and red onion thrown into the bun, which comes toasted and buttered.

More About Wendy’s New Marketing Campaigns

This isn’t Wendy’s first foray into trying out new ideas in order to honor the man himself. Wendy’s previously decided to honor Dave Thomas by offering Las Vegas customers a break from gambling with a Dave’s Hot ‘N Juicy cheeseburger.

Both burgers have been test marketed with ads featuring Wendy herself, for whom Dave Thomas named the restaurants (Wendy was his daughter).  Wendy’s is part of the Wendy’s/Arby’s chain of restaurants in the United States.

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