Satisfy the Pickiest of Pallets with Imaginative Mocktails

D.C. based beverage director Scott Clime recently offered restaurateurs and mixologists some creative mocktail suggestions at Clime’s recommendations range from the simple to the sublime and all are designed to tempt toddlers and satisfy the not-yet-of-age crowd who have long tired of the Shirley Temple and Roy Rogers.

On the Good Ship Lollipop
During the Great Depression Shirley Temple cheered troubled American’s with her delightful song and dance routines and her adorable dimpled smile. The mocktail by the same name was designed to give young diners something to cheer about while eating out with their family.

Although the Shirley Temple and the Roy Rogers have both remained a childhood favorite over the years, only a small number of today’s children are familiar with these drinks’ namesakes. As Clime points out, kids today are more familiar with Miley Cyrus and other contemporary stars.

A Taste of the Tropics
Giving the old favorites an update or adding to the line of available mocktails requires nothing more than a few freshly squeezed juices, a bit of Pellegrino and some imaginative additions.

Clime suggests combining a tropical puree of banana, pineapple and mango to soda water for a taste of the tropics. Decorate the beverage with pineapple and orange slices and perhaps a maraschino cherry or two and you’re sure to delight young adults as well as young children.

All Smiles thanks to a Creative Mixologist
Clime encourages restaurateurs and mixologists to think outside the box: Consider the possibilities with a strawberry and rhubarb puree. At the Acadiana, where Clime is a beverage manager, they serve a mix of mint leaves, blackberries and strawberries “for a taste of southern summer.”

Keeping the kids happy allows the adults to better enjoy their dining experience. Any restaurant that can pull that off is likely to top the must-go-back-to list for mom and dad.

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