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Wendy’s to Go Back to Japan via Joint Venture

March 2, 2012

Some of you undoubtedly already know that Wendy’s got out of the Japanese market in 2009 when it was unable to meet satisfactory terms with partner Zensho Co. The new venture will feature upscale restaurants in a joint venture with the Higa Industries Co.


A New Wendy’s Line-Up


While the new stores will feature items any American would be used to, such as chili, Frosties and the fast-food restaurant’s easily recognizable square hamburger patties, there will be some items that might seem a little off-the-wall to the casual fast food diner.


What kinds of new items are being offered specifically to the Japanese market? How about a Truffle and Porcini Grilled Chicken Sandwich?


If that doesn’t float your boat, you could also try the new Avocado Wasabi hamburger. And if neither one of these items sounds appealing to you, you can always opt for the good old-fashioned Wendy’s burger with a square beef patty.


How Many New Wendy’s in Japan?


For now, only one restaurant is opening. This Wendy’s will open in Tokyo (in the Omotesando area, for those of you who make frequent trips).


But Wendy’s doesn’t plan to stop there. The Dublin, Ohio-based chain plans to open 100 new stores in Japan over the next five years. It estimates that, long-term, Japan could support as many as 700 Wendy’s restaurants.


More About Wendy’s Japanese Partner Higa Industries


Owned by Ernest Higa, Higa Industries Co. owned 180 Domino’s Pizza stores at one time. The company founded the franchise in Japan, then sold them in February 2010. Company founder Ernest Higa will be the chief executive of the Wendy’s-Higa joint venture.


Ernest Higa was born in Hawaii and attended Columbia University, of which he is a graduate. He is also a member of Keizai Doyukai, a major Japanese business group. He is credited with the birth of the pizza delivery industry in Japan.