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Restaurant News Snippets

October 11, 2011

Today’s news includes new Dickey’s Barbecue news (they are growing!), reports of how Tropical Storm Irene impacted the restaurant business (and how we helped storm victims), and how FEMA uses a certain chain restaurant to help it figure out the state of things in disaster areas.


Country Musician New Owner of Dickey’s Barbecue Pit


Country singer Guy New recently opened a new Dickey’s Barbeque Pit store in Texas. The chain originated in that state, and now has 171 locations in 38 states. The franchise cites its modest goal of having 200 total stores by year’s end. The first Dickey’s opened in 1941.


“Dickey’s Barbecue serves quality barbecue at a great price and really strives to make a difference in the community. The decision to open my own Dickey’s franchise was simple,” says New, who is opening the store in Rowlett, TX. The new location will be the second Dickey’s franchise in that town.


“We are excited about expanding in our home state,” says DBRI President Roland Dickey, Jr. “It’s important to always remember where you came from and where it all started.”


East Coast Eateries Help Flood Victims, Show Good Numbers


A number of east coast restaurants provided more than just food for those affective by Irene earlier this year. While it’s true that patrons came in for food that they often couldn’t cook at home (due to power outages, etc.), they also came in for another reason:  to stay close to family and friends.


Many patrons whose home Internet connections were out came to the restaurants specifically to access their email and social media. Quite often, it was the only way they could let out-of-town family know they were doing well.


Many operators reported doing Friday-night numbers on Monday afternoons! Others reported holiday-type traffic in the days after the storm hit.


FEMA Uses “Waffle House Index” to Judge Disaster Severity


Did you know that FEMA uses Waffle House to help it determine just how bad a disaster really is? It’s true!


When locations of the franchise in affected areas serve the full menu, the index is green. The index is pushed to yellow when Waffle House offers a reduced menu–usually a sign of using power generators and/or dwindling food supplies. When Waffle House locations are closed in an area, then the index is bumped to red. Strange as it may sound, the “Waffle House Index” is probably a very good practical indicator of conditions in an area.