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Technology in Ordering

June 30, 2011

A Cornell study has shown that younger guests tend to be less patient when waiting to be served at a restaurant.  The study showed that 49% of those who responded (69% of those 18-34) walked out of a QSR because of high wait times.  Thirty-four percent (49% of 18-34 year olds) walked out more than once. So the challenge for restaurants is to find a way to get these customers through the line faster.  One possible solution may lie in advances in ordering technology.

Some of this technology includes using restaurant-provided devices to allow customers to place their orders quickly and accurately.  For instance, the use of kiosks in restaurants can help expedite wait times.  These kiosks can not only allow a customer to place his order quickly, but also can result in a more accurate order.

In addition, the kiosks can ask if the customer would like additional items such as a drink or dessert.  The result can be up to a 30% higher check. Customers may also like the use of a handheld ordering system.  These devices can be used in the drive-thru as well as inside of the restaurant.  A customer can place his order using this device and have it waiting for him when he reaches the front of the line.

A restaurant may also want to consider allowing the customer to use his own mobile devices to order.  Using web-based technologies, a customer can text their order and have it waiting for them.  Similar technology can also be used to allow customers to use their mobile devices to place a reservation. With today’s customers being less patient and wanting more control over their ordering experience, it may be wise for a restaurant to look into putting self-ordering systems in place.  Not only can it lead to happier customers, but it may also lead to a higher check for the restaurant.



Technology in Restaurants

June 23, 2011

With the world making use of technology in all areas of life, it would be unwise for restaurants not to take part.  Customers are changing.  They have less time and less patience, but still want to enjoy their restaurant experiences. There is a way for restaurants to tap into this technological trend.  Technology is an investment that can offer relatively quick returns . . . that is, if the customers are on board.

Technology is useless unless the customer feels he is benefitting from it.  Once the customer’s experience is enhanced by the technology available, however, a restaurant can truly make use of it. Electronic devices can be used to cut a customer’s wait time, to increase the accuracy of service, and to provide instant feedback about a customer’s experience.  This can be a boon for both the customers and the restaurant serving them. Forty-nine percent of people who responded to a Cornell study said that they walked out of a QSR because of the wait time.  And the younger the customer, the less patience he had.  A whopping 69% of customers ages 18-34 admitted to walking out of a QSR because of high wait times.

Using this feedback and the technology available, a smart restaurant may put kiosks, mobile devices, or other technologies to help decrease a customer’s wait time and keep those customers from leaving.Technology can also help customers feel more comfortable about eating at a specific restaurant.  Virtual menus offer the ease of providing nutritional and allergy information so that a guest can decide what to eat and where she should dine.

Devices that enhance the customers’ experience and put some control in their hands can go a long way to increasing a restaurant’s business.  Of course, technology cannot replace a friendly and accommodating staff.  The right choices in technology, however, can underscore the staff’s efforts and provide a more pleasant customer experience.