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Subway Sandwich Chain Goes Green

October 4, 2011

The Subway restaurant chain recently announced that it will open five new “Eco-Restaurants” that will have a reduced impact on the environment. The new environmentally friendly restaurants will reduce energy and water consumption, and deal with waste differently, all in cost-effective ways.


Marketing Director Elizabeth Stuart handles the chain’s social responsibility efforts. In a recent press release, she stated, “As the largest franchise chain in the U.S., we know we can make a real difference and are working towards that goal.”


Subway Gets LEED Certification


Two of the five restaurants were recently opened in North Carolina in the towns of Durham and Cary. The U.S. Green Building Council honored the locations with LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).


LEED is a third-party certification program. The program focuses on high-performance building operation, construction, and design.


Subway’s Eat Fresh, Live Green initiative tries to spur its franchisees to create Eco-Restaurants. Even those who can’t fund or otherwise work a restaurant rebuild are doing their best to work green elements into their locations. These green elements include energy-saving appliances, low-flow toilets, faucets that automatically shut off, and more.


Franchisees Practice Green Innovation


George Estep recently opened a Subway Eco-Restaurant in Kokomo, Indiana. He made the free-standing drive-through restaurant entirely out of recycled materials. The store also boasts a large monitor that displays the location’s real-time energy usage.


North Haven, CT sports two different Subway locations at two of its Merritt Parkway rest areas. These restaurants sport energy-efficient air conditioning systems and a “light harvesting” system that uses solar panels. Another location in Ephraim, UT uses solar panels to generate electricity.


Further Green Subway Locations


Subway will soon open an Eco-Restaurant in UCLA’s student center. The center was recently renovated in an effort to “make it green”. Among its new features are a (walkable) rooftop garden and terrace.


Subway is also changing its packaging and materials nationwide in an attempt to make all of its locations more environmentally friendly.