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A Rather Unique Valentine’s Day Gift

March 22, 2011

Valentine’s Day passed a little while ago and lots of men were giving their girlfriends things like candy or flowers. Romantic dinners were booked all over the United States and meat was not much thought of unless the romantic dinner happened to include foie gras or some other meat-based delicacy.

However, if you were in Portland, Oregon this past Valentine ’s Day, you would have seen a rather unusual site. Not only were some ladies getting something other than a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates, they were getting sung to as well.

Yes, the Singing Salamigram was a big hit this past St. Valentine’s Day. It was a bouquet of five assorted salamis (yes, salamis) delivered in a gift package (looking like a five stemmed flower arrangement) along with an original song performed by local band The Tumblers.

While certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, the bouquets of salami were apparently popular enough to do some brisk business for Olympic Provisions, the company which provided the Singing Salamigram between February 11 and 14 this year. They charged people $75 for the delivery and song or they offered to let you pick it up and deliver it all on your own for only $50.

Of course, if your girlfriend looked at the bouquet of salami in horror and threw it back in your face, well then we don’t imagine there were refunds available. Still, it’s an unusual and fascinating way to celebrate the day of lovers everywhere and we were certainly amused by the concept of a singing salamigram.

These days however, if you visit the Olympic Provisions website, you’ll have to make do with more traditional meat products, such as their premium salami, sans the bouquet. At least until next St. Valentines Day and the next round of singing salamigrams.