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Will Healthier Happy Meals Make a Happier McDonald’s?

April 20, 2012

Chances are you may have already noticed if you’ve ordered a Happy Meal. Many of the corporate restaurants are already testing out the new Healthy Happy Meal at various locations across the United States. The official changeover occurred on March 7, 2012.

No longer will you be asked if you want fries or apples. Instead, expect a smaller portion of fries with a smaller portion of apples without the caramel sauce, and choices of fat free milk and chocolate milk in your “healthy” Happy Meal.

Healthier Food Makes Happier Parents

For years, McDonald’s has been an infamous reputation of everything that is wrong with fast food. The question of whether they really are the most unhealthy fast food restaurant is insignificant compared to their potential role in the country’s obesity rate.

Expect a completely new image on the children’s menu. This includes new characters that endorse the healthier Happy Meal in a new ad campaign. This effort is ultimately to gain back the consumer confidence and have past customers return with their children.

Nutritional Advantages to McDonald’s New Changes

The changes to the new Happy Meal reduced calories. Not only have they revamped the children’s menu, but they have also made a pledge to reduce sodium in the whole menu by 15 percent by 2015. The calorie and saturated fats will be reduced significantly by 2020.  Not to mention the nutritional advantages of the new salads and fruit cups that they offer.

What does this mean to the restaurant industry? Many restaurants may have to struggle with the association of being an unhealthy choice for consumers. Some may have a massive amount of adjusting to do.

How do you weigh in on the new changes? Do you expect major fast food restaurant stocks to increase or decrease in 2012?