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Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth With Cinnabon’s Minibons

May 7, 2012

Burger King and Cinnabon are teaming up to tame customer’s sweet tooth at breakfast.  By September, more than 7,000 restaurants will offer the Minibon, a tiny version of the famous Cinnabon cinnamon roll.  After several months of testing in New Jersey, New York, Chicago, Miami, and Charlotte, N.C., the new treat will be making a full scale debut.


2012 marks the 25th year that Cinnabon has been producing the Minibon.  The new marketing opportunity will give devoted fans another spot to pick up their favorite sweet treat in a manageable package size.  The rolls will be priced between $1.79 and $1.99 per serving.


Cinnabon has not limited its efforts to Burger King.  Taco Bell introduced Cinnabon Delights, a trio of mini donuts filled with cream and rolled in cinnamon sugar. They were added as part of Taco Bell’s new breakfast platform.  Cinnabon’s President, Kat Cole, reported that the company is investing in a strong growth strategy that will include both franchising and licensing.


Cinnabon outlets have been located inside Schlotzsky’s delis for quite some time.  Schlotzsky’s is also owned by Focus Brands, the company which owns Cinnabon.  Burger King selected the Minibon’s as a high quality addition to their newly expanded menu at breakfast and possibly an afternoon snack. With more than 12,500 restaurants worldwide, they certainly provide a large potential audience.


Burger King’s new menu is the largest expansion it has made to date.  Salads, wraps, strips, smoothies, and frappe drinks have all been added with an eye to keeping up with current eating trends. Many similar items are available at competitors’ stores and it is likely that Burger King is feeling pressure to regain ground after it was surpassed by Wendy’s CO in 2011.


Parent company 3G acquired the chain in October 2010, and has been redesigning numerous aspects of the business.