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Meat Makes You Smart

August 27, 2010

It sounds like it could be a new marketing slogan, but the idea that “meat makes you smart” is actually rooted entirely in science.  While restaurants that serve meat certainly stand to benefit from this research, there’s even a positive angle that vegetarian food service can take!

A Need for New Food Sources

Ancient humans, or rather pre-humans, were purely food gatherers. They would gather food from the field and eat berries and whatever else was naturally growing around them.

However, because these types of food sources were so hard to come by, our ancient ancestors had to work really hard just to stay alive. It wasn’t until pre-humans started using sharpened tools to harvest animal meat and then to cook it that our species began to evolve into what it is today.

That’s because meat was more calorie-dense.  This means that ancient humans could get by on a lower volume of meat than of other foods.  Roasting it over a fire would release more of the nutrition that was locked up in the meat, according to a recent report on National Public Radio.

Promoting Meat-Serving Restaurants with the NPR Study

Whatever your personal views on the subject, whether you subscribe to the view that the world is around 6,000 years old or billions of years old or anywhere in between, this sounds to us like a positive concept that could be used by restaurants serving meat on their menus to bring in the customers.

By bringing out the concept that meat makes you smart, you can effectively capitalize on everyone’s desire to better themselves.

Vegetarian Restaurants Can Put a Twist on This Too

Even vegetarian restaurants could get in on the act, making the claim that the all vegetable diet is a more natural one as evidenced by the fact that our ancient ancestors ate no meat. However you slice it (no pun intended), there’s potential there somewhere.