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What’s Old is New Again

November 17, 2010

If you’ve been following the news recently (and who hasn’t, with the elections going on?), you probably know that not only was this recent election cycle the nastiest in history, but it also wasn’t the first time that these kinds of tactics were used (Thomas Jefferson was accused of being a murderer for example).

Well it seems that in our own neck of the woods, what was done years ago is being done again as well. A number of fast food restaurants have been feverishly adding new promotions and slogans that may sound familiar.  The reason they sound familiar is because they were used in the past.

McDonalds recently reintroduced their McRib sandwich to the menu after a long absence. and Little Caesars’ has decided that the old “Pizza! Pizza!” Line their mascot used to tout at the end of every commercial is going once again come back in style.

(Re)Enter the McRib

The McDonalds promotion is a limited time offer, bringing back the 1980s favorite until December 5th nationwide. Fans of the sandwich may recall that the last time you got the chance to taste a McRibs sandwich nationwide was back when the Republicans last clobbered the democrats (we’re sure some Tea Party person is responsible for the resurgence of the McRib) in 1994. (Although it was available in certain test markets a couple of years back.)

It had been offered as a tie-in with the Flintstones live action film released that year. McDonalds is also promoting their new/old sandwich by asking fans to tell them about their favorite story of the McRib in exchange for a chance to win a trip to taste the sandwich yet again, in Germany, the only country where you can buy the sandwich any old time you feel like it.

Pizza!Pizza!–Little Caesar’s Offers Double-Pie Promotion

In the case of Little Caesars’ the pizza chain has made a few changes to their Pizza! Pizza! Plans. Back in 1997, the last time the chain offered the promotion, two pizzas were offered for the price of one (or at least, the price of one from a competitor). In this new variation of the promo, the company plans to offer two rectangular shaped pizzas instead.

This time around you’ll get one pepperoni pizza and one Ultimate Supreme all for under ten bucks ($9.99). The deal is currently being offered only in the chains’ home town of Detroit. However they may expand it and offer the deal elsewhere next year the company reports.