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How to Master the Art of Wooing the Lunch Crowd

May 28, 2010

According to the website, Restaurant Briefing, restaurants are realizing that customers will buy into lunch if the portions are the right size, the price is right, and their time is respected.

The report says at Harry’s Tap Room, in Arlington, VA, “Harry’s Lunch Break” offers a choice of soups, salads and half sandwiches – any two items for $9, any three for $11. “Many of our customer’s want a quick, light, inexpensive lunch and over 50% order the “Lunch Break,” says Michael Sternberg, proprietor.  “It is elegantly presented so that those who order it don’t feel they are being less cared for than their neighbor who orders a $30 steak.”

Great Presentation and Great Food

Waldy Malouf, chef/owner, Beacon, New York, NY, installed a bar in the front of the open kitchen.  At lunch the bar becomes a “Burger Bar,” which offers a choice of three burgers.  The offerings are a choice of Black Angus, Yellowfin Tuna, and Mini Beefsteak. The burgers are partnered with garlic fries, house made condiments, and fennel coleslaw. The price is from $8.95 to 13.95. Extras are also available like smoked bacon, wild mushrooms, cheese, and foie gras.

Malouf says the restaurant is appealing to a person who wants a quality burger in a nice ambiance and quick service.  “We have a number of regulars, and when they arrive we fire up their burgers and can deliver them in five to six minutes,”  At night the “Burger Bar” turns into a “Small Plates Bar”.

Offer a Convenient Way to Order Lunch in Bulk

Another restaurant, Saladworks, in Conshohocken, PA, offers what they call “Invitation Ordering,” which is online software that manages large or bulk orders. When the person who is in charge of ordering lunch clicks on “Invitation Ordering,” an e-vite is sent to co-workers.  They all make their choices and then the person in charge of ordering places the final order.

The restaurant says the key to this lunch program is to streamline group orders so time isn’t wasted.  They also report stores with this order system have seen a 4% or more lunch sale growth.