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Three Creative Ways to Boost Traffic and Loyalty in the Restaurant

June 28, 2013

As a restaurateur, you know how important it is to stay on top of the game in terms of finding new, creative ways to bring people through the door. There are many very viable techniques out there, and sometimes it can be tough to decide which one is the best fit for your establishment. Pairing some form of entertainment with your restaurant services can be a very simple and easy method of both driving traffic and building loyalty with your customer base. Here are a few suggestions to try.

Music in the Restaurant Makes People Stay Later and Spend More

Music and food have been a beloved pairing for decades and regardless of the type of restaurant you run, bringing music into your establishment can be quite effective at driving traffic and building loyalty. When properly promoted ahead of time, a musical event can boost sales 10-20%, making it well worth your time to arrange.

Providing music not only creates a venue which supports local musicians and artists, but also acts as an enticing lure to bring new customers through the door. People end up staying later, buying more items off the menu, and building fond memories of their experience that brings them back again and again. It’s a method of engaging your customers and going above and a beyond in terms of creating a truly enjoyable experience.

Dinner Theater is a Unique and Fun Way to Engage Your Restaurant Crowd

Dinner theater is a form of entertainment that often gets overlooked when restaurant owners consider their various possibilities for engaging their customers. Many dinner theater sets actively engage the crowd as well, making the experience a very fun and memorable one.

Dinner theater sets can take several forms, including anything from a standard play performance to a murder mystery sequence in which the guests must solve the clues themselves to ‘save’ the ‘victim.’ The fact that not a whole lot of people offer this type of entertainment is a bonus as well, and makes this an easy way to set your establishment apart from the crowd.

Allowing Fund-raising Events in Your Restaurant

Another fun way to engage your customers while doing some real good in the world is to allow people to sign up for fund-raising events through your establishment. The way this usually works is that the restaurant agrees to donate a certain percentage of the sales made during the event to the individual or charity who has requested the fundraiser. Typically, it is up to the person trying to raise the funds to do all of the advertising needed to bring people in the door.

This is a win-win for the restaurant because they get the benefit of added traffic without having to work for it, as well as the boost in reputation as being a ‘do-gooder’ establishment that genuinely cares about helping people out.

The take home message here is that there are many ways above and beyond simply providing menu specials and happy hours to entice people to frequent your place of business. Creating the types of events listed above has the added bonus of building a good reputation, getting free press, and truly engaging your customers in a fun and meaningful way.