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Restaurateurs Seek Help From Ramsey

February 24, 2011

Business magician and chef extraordinaire, Gordon Ramsay, has earned fame for showing others how to run a restaurant while his restaurant empire continues to grow.  Ramsay’s shows “Kitchen Nightmares” and “Hell’s Kitchen” are closer to soap operas than real life and, while entertaining, this celebrity chef could be doing a terrible disservice to restaurateurs around the world.  The general media has pegged Ramsay’s shows as “reality” television however, anyone in the restaurant business knows that Gordon’s success with struggling restaurants comes with a healthy dose of smoke and mirrors. 

Gordon provides expert advice and, oftentimes, costly equipment upgrades to his “Kitchen Nightmares” restaurateurs.  Although helpful, there are often problems that can’t be fixed with a makeover.  With over 30 restaurants and pubs throughout the US, UK, Australia and Europe, Gordon has his share of experience with opening, operating and oftentimes closing restaurants.  But can Gordon’s turnaround management strategies really help struggling business owners or is it merely “reality” television fluff?

Although Gordon has a successful restaurant concept and growing businesses worldwide, he has his share of struggle.  With several closures and talk of financial concerns it’s clear that a great chef, no matter how talented, needs more than good contemporary creative food to survive. That said, celebrities are not recession-proof, especially in the restaurant business.  While fame may have played a role in his early success, he’ll have to prove himself to be a true chef and business owner to keep customers coming in his doors.