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New Heinz Ketchup Packets Are All the Rage

December 22, 2011

It’s just a ketchup packet—or is it? The new Heinz ketchup packets have caused people to re-evaluate the way that they eat out. Have you ever forgone an order of fries in the drive thru because you don’t want to make a mess? You know how it is when you open those little packets and the whole side rips open causing the ketchup to go all over your hand. Or you bite it with your teeth and it squirts everywhere.

Believe it or not, this has been a dilemma that Heinz has tried to solve for decades.

The Dip and Squeeze Ketchup

Heinz has tried a variety of ketchup solutions with little luck. They tried making it bigger, but that didn’t work. So the next innovation was an easier-to-open solution. Then there came the fries in the cup with ketchup attached.

When the new dip and squeeze single serve packets arrived, they put it through three years of testing before they let a few select restaurants do trial runs. The engineers tested study groups in minivans behind a glass window to see what happened while they ate fries. A Heinz VP of global packaging went as far as to get his own special minivan for ketchup packet experimentation and drove around to various Wendy’s and McDonald’s and ordered fries!

Chick-Fil-A, Smashburger, and Dairy Queen were some of the first to give it a try. Chick-Fil-A went as far as to make promotional material and deck the restaurant in information about the new Heinz ketchup packet arrival. McDonald’s and Burger King are still testing the precious packets.

It’s Just Ketchup, Right?

Well, ketchup packets are big business for Heinz. Did you know that these packets could possibly even mend a relationship with McDonald’s if all goes well? In 1973, they got into a disagreement and almost all McDonald’s will not use Heinz packets—until now. If it goes as Heinz projects, it could even increase sales of fries in the drive thru.