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Interfaith Ceremony Blesses New Restaurant Opening

December 15, 2010

If you sometimes wonder whether your restaurant is cursed with bad luck, you may want to place a call to the new owners of the New York Burger Company and ask them for advice. Or maybe you shouldn’t, considering they are going up against history, though they do seem to have God on their side.

The restaurant in question was recently opened in New York City at 470 West 23rd street. Now, “Why should you care,” you ask, “about a single burger joint in Chelsea?” Simple – the building seems to have been cursed as a home for restaurants.

So far, a dozen years and four eateries have come and gone since Robert Arbor opened Le Solex in the spot back in 1998. It seems that no restaurateur has been able to last in the spot, in spite of all the signs, at least on paper pointing to the place being a prime location for a restaurant.

Restaurant Requires the Blessing of 5 Faiths for Opening

The area seemed to be so cursed that the owners of the new eatery decided to bring in five different faiths to bless the place. A Catholic priest, a Jewish rabbi and Buddhist minister were all called in to offer their blessings in an interfaith ceremony that owners hoped might finally cajole whatever evil spirits had invaded their restaurant space into giving up and moving on.

According to them, an Episcopalian minister was supposed to officiate later in the day, followed by a Native American ceremony.

If nothing else, the fact that they asked so many groups to offer their blessings was a brilliant way of attracting the media and getting them to cover what would otherwise have been just another anonymous restaurant opening in Manhattan. Whether it will finally work to expel the demons from the location, well that remains to be seen.