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Increase your Visibility with Social Networking

June 8, 2012

Recent studies indicate that a significant majority of adults who are online make use of social networking websites.  Those numbers have more than doubled in the past three years, and are likely to continue to increase in the near future.  The wise restaurateur will tap into this trend to improve their bottom line and broaden their appeal.  Connecting to social media is easy and potentially profitable.


Network with Your Clientele


The use of social websites such as Facebook and Twitter has increased across all demographics.  This is particularly true among young women aged 18 to 29 and seniors aged 65+.  By connecting with this growing population, restaurants gain access to large numbers of potential guests with a minimum of effort.  Furthermore, Internet marketing is an essential part of any promotional effort and should be part of the overall plan.


The best way to engage individuals who are active in social media is to encourage them to “like” your page.  Just having a page on social websites isn’t enough, studies show.  To gain access to their consumption habits, you have to appear in their personal newsfeeds regularly.  Once the initial connection is made, it is easy to remain in sight.


How Effective Is It?


A study conducted by comScore and Facebook indicate that Facebook uses are between 40 and 150 times more likely to respond to a message that appears on their own ‘wall’ than they are to go to the company’s page.  That newsfeed is your best chance to make a successful connection with a potential customer.


Newsfeeds give you an opportunity to do more than just remind people that you exist.  You can use them to post links to blogs and newsletters, introduce new menus and promote seasonal specials.  Few other forms of media will offer you more marketing bang for your buck.