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Fireplaces Make For More Diners

January 31, 2011

This past Christmas, we’re willing to bet that you decided to sit in front of the fireplace with your family and enjoy a few moments of warmth in front of the hearth. It’s not just that the fireplace provides physical warmth. It also provides comfort and makes you feel good about life and the ways of the world. Well, what, we wondered about all those people who have to make do with baseline heating systems? Will they never know the wonder of sitting by the fireplace and enjoying a glass of fine wine?

You Can Provide it For Them

What we’re getting at here, of course, is not the question of whether someone tuned their TV set into the Yule log on Christmas day, but instead whether or not you, as a restaurateur might be able to profit (and profit handsomely) from the American fascination with fireplaces.

Fireplaces—Not for Everyone

Now certainly not every restaurant is a place where fireplaces make sense. And you’ll likely want a fake fireplace just to make sure that it stays clean and that the smoke doesn’t ever bother your diners. However, for those restaurants where it is possible or appropriate, we’ve found that diners often appreciate the feeling, especially during the cold winter months of sitting in front of the fireplace while enjoying a fine dinner at your establishment.

Lingering Longer

Customers also tend to linger longer when they have a fireplace to sit around and they’ll also be more likely to order the deserts which every restaurateur knows are a cash cow. That’s because people tend to think of eating in front of the fireplace as something to do with the family and especially tend to associate it with cold dishes like ice cream or warm drinks like coffee or hot chocolate. So, if your establishment has room for it, consider installing a fireplace. Ultimately, it’s likely to pay for itself.