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Catching Up on How the GMO Concerns Affect Food and Beverage

March 29, 2012

If you haven’t paid much attention to the GMO debate, here’s a quick rundown. GMO stands for Genetically Modified Food. A large part of the debate is centered on politics and/or healthy food choices.

Health Concerns of GMOs

GMOs have been around since the ‘80s. Genes are modified, deleted, and added to form genes of plants that are unrelated. In order to penetrate the cell membrane, a virus is often attached to the gene with a small syringe.

The modifications are designed to make a strong crop that is resistant to herbicides and produces their own pesticide from within—and here lies the health concerns. Many protests and court cases have gotten a lot of media attention over this. Others, such as Bill Gates, are strong supporters of what they see as a stronger crop.

Politics of GMOs

The big debate over this is that there is a patent on some of the crops owned by Monsanto—namely the corn. They have sued some farmers that have not bought their patented seeds, but the GMO crops have cross-pollinated their crops.

This has cost a lot of farmers money. Furthermore, some farmers just don’t want anything to do with the seeds.

Where Do Restaurants Fit into the GMO Debate?

You may have noticed that many health food stores and restaurants are advertising GMO-free foods. Staying away from these foods can be hard. They’re in many shelved items and you won’t ever know it.

To this date, no procedures exist to warn consumers that there are GMOs in the food by labeling the foods. So, farmers and commercial producers of food items are working together to produce non-GMO foods and advertise it on the packages.

This trend is rising in popularity right behind the organic, gluten-free, and soy-free food trends. Keep your eye out on this trend. Whatever side of the fence that you stand on, you may want to pay attention to what your consumers think about this.