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Confident and Effective Restaurant Management

September 11, 2013

Effective managerial skills are critical to the overall functionality of your workforce. Managers set the pace and the example for the rest of the staff, and employees very much take their cue from their managers about how to treat their jobs. Managers who are insecure, poor communicators, or who get locked in power struggles end up losing the respect of the employees, which, in turn, affects the quality of the service that they provide.

If you want to ensure that your staff stays motivated and treats their jobs with respect, it’s essential that the skills of the people in management positions are up to par. Fortunately, there are a few easy tips that anyone can keep in mind which will help nip mediocre management in the bud.

Effective Restaurant Management Starts with Confidence

Confidence is more crucial to effective management in the restaurant industry (or anywhere) than a person might think. People who are confident in themselves and their abilities come across as composed, secure, and trustworthy. Managers who exude confidence give their employees a sense of security that they are a person who knows what they are doing and are to be trusted in their directives.

Now granted, even the best of us don’t feel confident all the time, but if you’re in a management position, you at least need to understand how to come across as a confident person. Simple things like making eye contact for instance, or having good posture, positive facial expressions, and a professional appearance can make all the difference in the world in how people perceive you.

Excellent Communication Skills are Essential in Restaurant Managers

Along with confidence, managers also need to have excellent communication skills. They need to be able to give directives without coming across as being overbearing, wimpy, or ignorant of the situation. They need to treat people fairly, be able to communicate clearly and calmly about what is needed, and why and they need to be able to truly listen to and respond to the needs of their wait staff.

Obviously, they also need to be able to think ahead, anticipate situations before they arise, and act to correct any potential issues in a calm, clear, and rational way. Needs are expressed clearly and power struggles are dissolved as employees begin to trust in the equanimity of the manager as well as the fact that their needs are being heard and respected.

Restaurant Managers must Excel at Positive Reinforcement

The final ingredient to truly effective managerial skills is the ability to foster an atmosphere of teamwork and respect among the workforce. Along with having confidence and excellent communication skills, managers achieve this largely by positive reinforcement. They focus on their employees’ strengths and on what they are doing right. They tell their employees how valuable they are to the business and how much they appreciate all that they do for them.

Furthermore, effective managers are problem-solvers. They see every challenge as an opportunity to grow and learn and they keep an attitude that nothing is insurmountable.

Having effective management makes all the difference in how the rest of your staff perceive and respond to their jobs. Confidence, clear communication, and an upbeat, positive attitude are the key ingredients for successful managers in the restaurant world.