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Something for the Kids

July 14, 2011

When thinking about a dining experience, it is often tempting to think only about the adults . . . after all, they are the ones opening their wallets.  However, doing something special for the kids can cause parents to return to a restaurant again and again.


There is a significant amount of parents coming to eat at restaurants with their children, and those parents are looking at how their children are treated.  So, it would be wise for a restaurant to spend some time looking at how to best serve the children.


A kid’s menu is a staple for many restaurants.  But some parents are starting to take notice of what their children are eating, and the old, unhealthy standbys may not cut it anymore.  To gain the parents’ trust, a restaurant may want to look into healthier choices for children.


That doesn’t have to be as daunting as it sounds.  At some restaurants, the solution is offering a smaller version of the adult plate.  It seems that some children like to be a little adventurous and try the things the adults are having.


Another option is to revamp the old standbys on the kid’s menu.  Use fresh, quality ingredients to make the staples.  It may also be helpful to provide an atmosphere where kids are welcome.


If it takes a little more consideration or quickly providing children with food or something to do, so be it.  Parents are impressed when time is taken to make both their and their kids’ dining experience a pleasant one.


It might be a daunting experience offering a place for children to be comfortable.  Certainly more casual dining restaurants may have an advantage in this.  But even upscale restaurants can take steps to make a child’s experience a good one.


Not only will it impress the parents and offer them a reason to come back, but a good dining experience may also affect the children positively.  Who knows?  Maybe one day they’ll come back with their children.