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Beef ‘O’ Brady’s Expands By Creating New Markets

September 12, 2010

With the ever present need to find new ways of expanding, one restaurant chain has decided to take things to a whole new level and expand their restaurants into non traditional locations such as college campuses, airports and even roadside stops.

A New Direction for Beef ‘O’ Brady’s

Beef ‘O’ Brady’s 238 restaurants, which focus on offering a family sports bar style dining experience, will soon be coming to an airport terminal and roadside plaza near you. The plan has been in the works ever since the company was acquired by Levin Leichtman Capital Partners at the beginning of the year. The new owners have also brought in new management in the form of former Cinnabon, Inc. executive Christoper Elliot.

Elliot in turn decided to recruit one of his former colleagues, Joe Uhl, a former owner of Cinnabon franchise owner. He also brought James Walker on board.  Walker joined the company after a stint at Baja Fresh, where he was the chief development officer.

What They’re Doing WithThe Brand

The new management is making a concerted effort to grow the brand.  A large part of their plans involves moving beyond the traditional comfort zone that Beef ‘O’ Brady’s had occupied until now.

The move is not entirely new to the company, as they had already established a branch at the University of Southern Florida.  However the move into airports and roadside plazas is a first for the company.

Traditional Restaurants Will Not be Left Behind!

Even though Walker is committed to the new strategy he has implemented for the firm, he has also indicated that the company will still support its traditional restaurants, and expand them as needed. He added that he does see plenty of room for growth in the traditional format as well.

Walker told reporters that he was determined to make sure that no one type of restaurant would be used to define the brand name.  The company is commetted committing to expanding into smaller venues while still keeping the larger, traditional family restaurants working at full speed.

One of the areas specifically that Beef ‘O’ Brady’s hopes to expand to with the new restaurants is the world of breakfast meals, something that traditionally was not served at Beef ‘O’ Brady’s.