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Affluent Customers are Eating Out Again

August 25, 2011

Affluent restaurant guests are re-orienting their heads–and their pocketbooks–so that

you would almost think we’re coming out of the recession!


Affluent Americans–defined by one source as households with $100k/year annual income, and by another source as households with $100k/year disposable income–are eating at home four times a week.  That’s twice as often as they ate in, pre-recession.


Of course, this news is not without a qualifier. The affluent population’s habits have changed.  They haven’t just gotten smarter about making great deals and saving money, they’ve also sharpened their ideas about what they want for their money. What does this mean for restaurants that cater to the affluent crowd?


Comfort is More Important than Sophistication.


The economy has been through enough stress for everyone, and your affluent patrons don’t want more stress when they come to your restaurant. One thing you can do to better serve this demographic is to simplify your menu or menu options.


This may mean a shortened menu–but it doesn’t have to.  Having recommendations is great. Also, having a chef’s pick of the day, or a wine of the day, is another great idea. This will help make their choices easy and will keep them coming back for a relaxed, non-stressful time.


Your waiters can also contribute to this atmosphere by being relaxed and laid-back themselves.  And make sure they don’t rush your tables off!


The Affluent Crowd Still Demands Good Service


This doesn’t just mean that your waiters have to be nice and polite.  While they of course do, this isn’t what separates good service from great service.


Make sure every single one of your servers knows your menu forwards and backwards. Your guests should be able to ask their server anything about the food and drink you serve, and get an intelligent answer that makes it easy for them to come to a decision and order what you’ve got!