4 Elements Critical to Your Restaurant’s Mobile Website Success

There’s no escaping having a mobile website if you run a restaurant. And more than that, you want a mobile website that is easy and intuitive for your customers to use – one that leads them right to the information they’re looking for in a matter of seconds. Here are four simple rules of thumb to follow when designing your restaurant’s mobile website.

Simplicity is the Key to a Restaurant’s Mobile Website Success

The place for flowery speeches and inviting images of your restaurant’s food and services is on your main website. Your mobile website needs to provide only the most pertinent information given as succinctly as possible. As a restaurant establishment, the pertinent information that your mobile users are going to want is your location, business hours, menu, prices, and preferably the ability to place their order right then and there.

Don’t make them dig for that information! Ditch the heavy graphics and lengthy copy and shoot for straight and to the point. As a general rule of thumb, keep your mobile site to between 5-10 pages.

Make Sure Your Restaurant’s Mobile Site is Usable

Usability is the next major factor to consider in your restaurant’s mobile design. Obviously, your links and buttons need to be large enough to easily push on small touch screens. The more white space you provide around your links and buttons, the easier it is to get around – so don’t clutter up the space with unnecessary elements.

Make sure that the site is logically organized and categorized so that it is easy to get around as well. Everything they want to know should be right up front. Last but not least, take the time to ensure that every menu, image, button, and link is working properly.

Don’t Make Your Mobile Restaurant Customers Wait!

The number one reason users abandon mobile and regular websites alike is lengthy load times. Heavy graphics and video are the worst culprits here, so again, avoid these wherever possible – especially on mobile.

It’s also smart to keep in mind that while your site may look just fine on one smartphone or tablet, it may get totally goofed up on another. Therefore, it’s essential that you test your mobile site across a diversity of platforms before it goes live.

Analyze Your Restaurant’s Mobile Website Data to Better Understand Your Customer

There are a ton of tools that will give you valuable insight on how well you mobile website is serving its purpose. Basic analytics tools will tell you not only where you traffic coming from, but how the people are interacting with your site. You can see what areas are most prominently used as well as where users are leaving your site, and can then use that information to adjust your design accordingly. To make this information most useful to you, make it a practice to monitor and analyze your website’s performance and functionality on an on-going basis.

These simple rules of mobile website design hold true whether those customers are looking for your location, your menu and prices, or the order button itself. Avoiding having a complicated, dysfunctional, or sluggish mobile website will help your customers more easily browse and find the information they’re looking for – how to patronize your business! Find out more about making your site mobile friendly at http://www.TheRMG.com

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