Creative Ways to Make Your Restaurant Training Stick with Your Employees

When you’re in the restaurant business, having well-trained staff is critical to your establishment’s success. That said, making the training that you provide really stick with your team members can be somewhat of a challenge. Here’s some techniques you can use to help your staff retain the information that they have learned regarding your policies, procedures, and product knowledge, ultimately lowering the cost of training and minimizing costly mistakes.

Training is a Daily Process, Not a One-Time Event

The first thing that is important to recognize is that the most effective training is a daily process, not a one-time event. The human brain can only absorb small amounts of information at a time. Therefore, it is only logical to train your employees with this understanding in mind.  While every employee will still have to undergo some sort of orientation training, finding creative ways to reinforce and strengthen their knowledge on a daily basis will result in staff members who are thoroughly educated on all of the important information that they need to know in order to do their jobs well.

Teach Your Restaurant Team Members Something New Each Time They Clock In

As you are well aware, there is always something new that can be learned about the policies, procedures, and product knowledge pertinent to your restaurant. Therefore, it’s a smart idea to make pre-shift meetings mandatory rather than optional and to teach your employees something new every time they clock in. Hosting such mandatory meetings not only provides an opportunity to further educate your team members on a daily basis, but it also creates a shared learning environment that fosters team work and mutual support. These meetings are also an opportunity to check in with your employees and to keep your finger on the pulse of what is working and what isn’t – allowing you to act on issues before they become problems.

Require Employees to Demonstrate Their Knowledge Each Time They Clock In

One very simple and effective method of ensuring that the training you have provided has been driven home is to test your employees’ knowledge every day. Do this by working with your vendor to configure your clock-in system so that team members have to answer at least two multiple-choice questions correctly before they can even proceed to their positions.  Questions can cover any information you feel they need to know regarding your policies, procedures, or product knowledge. If they don’t answer correctly, they can’t move on to the clock-in screen, simple as that.

Aside from the obvious benefit of reinforcing the training you have provided on a daily basis, this method adds the extended benefit of helping you to identify which employees are worth keeping around and which aren’t. Someone who gets a question wrong time and time again is probably not worth the effort of continued investment!

Using simple methods such as those described above to train your restaurant staff on a regular basis results is employees who are more keyed-in and knowledgeable about the intricacies of your business. Better trained employees result in more satisfying customer experiences which, in turn, translates into higher profits for your restaurant business!

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