The Restaurant Industry Addresses What is Most Important to Customers at Protein Innovation Summit

The Protein Innovation Summit of 2012 will be presented by the Meating Place and Plate on April 16th and 17th at the Trump Hotel in Chicago. This year’s theme will touch on the question:  how do you satisfy a customer that wants to enjoy an indulgent, sustainable, economical, and healthy meal all at the same time? The problem people are running into is that restaurants can only offer 2 or 3 things—3 at the max—in one menu item.


Sustainability, Nutrition, Indulgence, and Cost

Two market research groups, Techonomic, Inc. and The Hartman Group, will try to address all of these factors at the summit. Instead of trying to run in circles pleasing everyone, these research groups decided to study and survey what the customer really thinks. Wouldn’t it be great if you could read minds and figure out what customers really think about these issues?

For example, what do they think when looking at a menu and its relationship with local foods? What are they thinking before they purchase the maple-iced donut with bacon on top? How closely do they relate good nutrition to sustainable living?


What’s Going on at the Protein Innovation Summit?

The two marketers will address market sustainability and balancing indulgent options with healthy menu choices. In addition to this overall theme, subtopics include how consumer needs are affecting the meat and poultry industry. Case studies of sustainable meat in Chipotle, Hyatt and other prominent foodservice establishments will be reviewed.

Additional topics and panels to be discussed will be animal food choices, price trends in meat and poultry, nutritional issues with Culver’s Tallgrass Beef, Fairmont Hotels, and Advance Pierre Foods. Carcass optimization will be addressed—most likely in light of the “pink slime” concerns.



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