How to Increase the Profit of Your Restaurant Wine List

If you want to up sell your restaurant wine list, you need to do a few things to keep the customer experience fun and memorable. As we discussed in the last post, timing is everything. Get to the table and deliver the wine list.  This is the time to make any wine suggestions.

Have the servers practice opening bottles. A bottle with pieces of cork left in it could easily be refused by the host. If the bottle is opened incorrectly, the server may break the glass or drip wine on the customer. This is a liability that could be solved with a bit of practice.

Up Selling Your Wine List

When the customers order their food, now is the time to make suggestions for pairings with the entrée.

You want to check in often to refill wine glasses, but you don’t want to empty the bottle because this is perceived as pushy. Keep a fine balance between hawking over your tables and over serving the wine and being absent when needed.

The key is to monitor the customer from afar and anticipate any needs before they have to ask.

Make sure that you don’t have any excess glassware on the table during this time, even if you have a busboy for that job.

You can also offer a dessert wine or nice port at the end of dinner. These are nice add-ons to substantially increase the amount of the ticket.

Other Ways to Increase the Restaurant Wine List Sales

If you want to increase the profit of your business using your wine list, you can do other things, too. Think about running contests for who sells the most bottles of wine. Make the prize substantial so that your employees will be motivated.

You can also offer paid training. You will find that your servers appreciate the opportunity to more confidently sell the wine list.



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