Bourbon Cocktails Make a Comeback – But With a Twist

Is it any wonder that bourbon cocktails have made a comeback? The hipster mixologists are always looking for a twist on a classic cocktail. The popularity of the hit AMC show Mad Men hasn’t hurt the sales for bourbon either. So come with us as we put the martini back up on the shelf and get down and dirty with some Kentucky distilleries.

Whiskey Sales at an All-Time High

According to the President of the Kentucky Distillers’ Association, Eric Gregory, distillers in Kentucky are having a hard time keeping up with the production of whiskey. In fact, whiskey distilleries in the South have spent well over $150 million to in an effort to expand the Bourbon industry.

What was once considered an inferior version of Scotch is now gaining respect and reverence with a new generation of drinkers.  Bourbon is now a first-class choice in cocktails because of its broad range of flavors and ability to mix well in cocktails.

Whiskey Cocktails Make the Specialty Cocktail List

The new generation of Millennials is returning to the classic days of Old Fashioneds and Manhattans, but with a modern twist. So what does a twist on these classics entail?

Let’s take the classic Manhattan on the rocks. Instead of the well whiskey and maraschino cherry juice with a dash of sweet vermouth, go grab a bottle of Maker’s Mark. Now mix it with Luxardo maraschino liqueur and mix it with a dash of orange bitters and serve it in a martini glass.

If a Manhattan doesn’t float your boat, let’s do down south and tinker with the Kentucky Derby classic, The Mint Julep. This is typically made with Wild Turkey and there’s nothing wrong with that! Go ahead and muddle the mint, but instead of the classic simple syrup, why not spruce it up with vanilla bean syrup and make it a specialty drink? Now serve it in a nice frosty Tom Collins glass. Perfection!

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