Want Customer-Centered Ordering without the iPad? Try eTab.

Ordering food directly from your table–as opposed to having another human being wait on you–is all the rage in certain sectors lately. So far, the concept seems to be hitting it off really well.  Bone’s Restaurant in Atlanta, for example, reports wine sales 20% above normal since iPads were put on the floor.


However, not everyone feels like they can justify an iPad at every table, including operators who could easily afford to. And a touchscreen tablet would be out of place in, say, a burger joint or the deck of a bar and grille–two of the very same places that would most benefit from electronic tabletop ordering.


A company called eTab (e-tab.com) has developed one solution: a smaller touchscreen ordering device that also has a credit card swiper on it. But what need does this type of device fill among customers?


Why do People Like Ordering their Meals from Touchscreens?


People like ordering devices because it puts them in control of their dining experience. They never feel pressured by servers to order–or pay–and they can order whatever they like, whenever they like. Touchscreen ordering also makes it easy for guests to give custom instructions to the kitchen.


It’s also easier to split the check up this way, as on-table ordering makes it easy for everyone to print up their ticket, and even pay, right at the table. And did we mention it puts guests in the driver’s seat?


How Does the eTab Work?


The device has a big-enough screen and is fully integratable into most POS

systems. You can take the menu from your POS and load it right onto the eTab device.


Even better, the eTab device also shows pictures of your food on its display screen. The screen works just like a smartphone, and is only slightly bigger, so that it’s easy-to-use and also doesn’t take up valuable table space.


Another great thing is that, since the eTab isn’t a flashy device like the iPad, operators don’t have to worry about the novelty wearing off nearly as much. eTab touchscreen menus are a great addition to any restaurant, but won’t take away from its primary focus.

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