Guest Bartenders Bring In New Business

Those running restaurants with bars may want to consider the latest twist to bring in new business: guest bartenders. The idea is that the guest bartender may bring in some new blood by offering a kind of a show when he or she is serving drinks from your bar. In essence, the thought is that since people tend to talk with bartenders about their problems, guest bartenders could easily commiserate with diners on a different level.

The guest bartenders might even be themed with special abilities or skills. They also may have certain signature drinks that they are known for which they can provide to your diners while they are there. The key is to make a big a fuss out of it and to make it sound like an event, kind of like having a famous guest chef who can provide new culinary delights that your diners may not have experienced in the past – a guest bartender could provide new alcoholic delights.

Another thing that may work with this concept is to have guest bartenders who are known for their specific “shtick.” The best bartenders tend to spend time talking to their patrons and put on a kind of a show for the diners. A guest bartender can breathe new life into an otherwise moribund bar by offering your diners something new and exciting as opposed to the standard fare of bartenders whom you have had in the past and who simply served drinks without much personality.

The way to make this successful is of course to ensure that you properly advertise the fact that a guest bartender will be arriving. You’ll want to run ads and make up flyers which make it sound like a big deal, even if it’s not, simply because people will be intrigued by the concept and will want to come in to see what the fuss is about.

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