Berries are Berry Healthy for You Study Shows

It turns out that anyone running a juice bar has another bit of advertising they can offer to their potential customers. It seems that antioxidants and in particular, the flavonoids found in berries help to protect against Parkinson’s Disease. So says a new study from the Harvard Medical School.

Also Found in Other Foods

Flavanoids are of course not only found in berries, though there are good reasons to want to get them from berries (more on that in a moment). The powerful antioxidants are also to be found in things like apples and citrus fruits and in chocolate.

Believe it or not, chocolate is actually quite healthy for you – it’s the sugar and the milk which get added into the chocolate to give it a sweet taste which makes it a less than ideal choice for getting enough flavanoids).

All Flavanoids Not Created Equal

As if this wasn’t confusing enough, it turns out that there’s a reason that the researchers focused on berries. While a number foods do indeed contain the disease fighting antioxidants, it turns out that only a particular type, known as anthocyanins, which are found in red and purple fruits (such as berries) provide the specific protection against Parkinsons (although flavanoids from other sources are quite healthy as well).

Significant Factor for Men From All Flavanoids

The researchers also found that the addition of any kind of flavanoids provided extra protection to men, though women only benefited from the more specific anthocyanins found in berries and other darker colored types of fruits.

49,000 Men and 80,000 Women Studied

The study looked at a rather large sampling group, checking on the berry eating habits of 49,000 men (from the Health Professionals Study) and 80,000 women (who were part of the Nurse’s Health Study), providing a significant look at the potential benefits which berries may offer to your customers.

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