Japan As A Coffee Mecca?

So it turns out that, at least according to this report in the New York Times, your barista has it all wrong. The best coffee in the world is not necessarily to be had in Italy or France. Instead, Japan is a world leader in production of quality coffee products and coffee makers. Japan you ask? Yep – Japan. Here’s what you need to know:

An Alternative for Your Coffee Drinking Diners

Standard professional cappuccino makers can run you a cool $6,500. That’s quite a little bit of money for the privilege of getting a quality cup of coffee.

And while your diners may very well demand their espresso, offering them the alternative of Japanese coffee could easily create a unique offering that only you would be alone in offering (or at least, you’d probably be the first, since Japanese coffee making techniques still aren’t particularly well known in this country).

No Need for Fancy Equipment

The other thing that makes this so interesting is that you really don’t have to have lots of fancy equipment in order to make Japanese style coffee. All the equipment required can be had for around $100 for a home kit.

We imagine professional kits would cost a bit more, but given the very low cost of entry, it may be worthwhile to consider investing in this option.

Slow Brewing is Key

The key to making Japanese style coffee (and really any kind of coffee if you want to make it well) is slow brewing, something we sometimes have a problem with in our country, which is always in a hurry and on the go. However, for a fine dining restaurant, this may work perfectly for your diners.

Marketing Will be Key to Success

Of course, if you do want to try offering Japanese style coffee at your establishment, you’re going to want to do some marketing of it and label it as something exotic and new. Whatever you do, don’t tell your customers that it’s so cheap to make!

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