Grocery shopping, although monotonous and time-consuming, is a necessity.  As hard as we try to prepare in advance for grocery day, it seems there are times when “what’s for dinner” becomes a question with no answer. 

In an effort to relieve that grocery panic, Kraft Foods and Intel Corporation are teaming up to create a “Meal Planning Solution”.   The idea is based on a virtual culinary coach that provides personalized menu ideas and dinner solutions as well as advice to shoppers on what they should purchase.  The virtual culinary coach is a kiosk that uses a technology called Anonymous Video Analytics.  It assesses your gender and age, along with external factor to assist with your grocery list and purchasing recommendations.  Look like a high school student?  Maybe a box of Twinkies.  Lady in a suit?  Perhaps you’d like a suggestion for a fantastic and filling salad?

The Kraft kiosk debuted at the 2011 National Retail Federation Show and along with its menu planning, can send recipes to your smart phone, dispense samples and with a swipe of your frequent shopper card, can offer advice on past purchases. 

Kraft has not yet announced when it will hit stores but it’s sure to make your shopping trips fast, easy and exciting!

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