Campbell’s Challenges Chefs – Show Us What You’ve Got

Chefs, this is your chance to show off how smart you are. Your challenge: turn a bowl of soup into something extraordinary. Yes, it’s that time of year again – Campbell’s soup is sponsoring a contest known as “It’s Amazing What Soup Can Do.” The contest started in November of 2010 and runs through January 31, 2011.

Extraordinary Things to Do with Soup

The idea is to prove that you can do something extraordinary with soup. Specifically, that you can do something amazing using a Campbell’s or Swanson branded soups which happen to come in 50 oz. food service sizes. In other words, unlike most contests that consumer brands run, this contest is specifically aimed at the industry rather than at housewives.

The reason for running the contest is simple: Campbell’s wants to sell you more soup. And no, they’re not just talking about the single 50 oz can you may buy for experimentation. They want you to consider using their readymade soups on a regular basis in your kitchen so that you can see the “benefits” of using their products to “increase efficiency.”

Eligible Campbell Soup Flavors for the Contest

The eligible soups include 15 different flavors of Healthy Request and condensed soups as well as Swanson broth in the 50 oz variety. Four chefs will be selected based on their recipes to come to a cook off at Campbell’s headquarters. The winner is to have his or her recipe featured on a can of Campbell’s soup and will also get a shopping spree at the Campbell’s store.

Campbell’s began their food service brand in 1965 with the intention of serving schools and restaurants. The division joined the existing consumer canned soups division which has been in operation since 1869. The Campbell’s brand also includes the V8 brand of healthy drinks, Pace and Prego sauces and Pepperidge Farm brand cookies and snacks.

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