Taco Bell Tries to Cut the Salt

The sodium wars are back on. Though the truth is that they probably never left us. These days it seems that the entire world is focused on the fact that Americans love fast food are obsessed with eating the stuff. However, it wasn’t too long ago that the shelves of American supermarkets began to fill up with “low sodium” products after the word started going around that sodium was a leading cause of high blood pressure.

The Craze Came and Went

None of this is news. Doctors still tell patients who are diagnosed with hypertension to cut down on their intake of salt. However, hype over the subject seems to have died down.

We haven’t seen the aisles filled with all kinds of low sodium products in much the same way that we saw supermarket aisles filled with low carb products and low fat products when those crazes began. It’s simply accepted that those who need to cut down on their sodium will do so.

Taco Bell Quietly Tries Out Some New Recipes

Taco Bell however has decided that it’s time to heat up the sodium issue again, if only by a little bit. They decided recently to quietly reduce the amount of sodium on their menus by around 23 percent at some of their restaurants recently.

The changes specifically affected some restaurants in the area of Dallas/Ft. Worth. In total, some 150 restaurants were affected by the change, however according the president and chief concept officer for the chain, Greg Creed, the plan is to begin rolling out the changes on a chain-wide basis shortly.

According to him, no consumers complained about the difference in taste on the foods. Additional spices were added in to compensate for the lack of extra salt, it was reported.

A Division of PepsiCo Corporation

Taco Bell is a division of PepsiCo  Corporation and also owns a number of other chain restaurants in addition to their eponymous chain of Mexican fast food restaurants.

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