White Castle Embraces Web 2.0 for New Slider

We’ve talked in this space extensively about the idea of making greater use of the so called “web 2.0” to reach out to your customers and get them to come in and try something new. Well, it turns out that at least one major chain has taken the idea and run with it (we like to think they got the idea from us, but who knows?)

New Burger–Like Us and Try it Free

White Castle recently introduced a brand new slider (White Castle parlance for their mini hamburgers in case you don’t usually descend to such fare). The new burger is called the garlic cheese slider and it is available with fries and a drink for $2.99.

However, for those willing to pop over the White Castle Facebook page and click on “like” (Facebook parlance for becoming a fan of a particular food or item or whatever), a coupon awaits, offering a free slider.

A Page from Norelco’s Playbook

The marketing concept is of course the age old idea of giving away the razor and charging for the blades. White Castle is hoping that by giving out a free burger, they’ll get people to decide to buy fries and drink with it as well, not to mention coming back again and again to get them for full price.

However, the genius of the marketing campaign is that it makes use of a marketing tool which is aimed at the exact demographic that White Castle tries to reach.

Targeting is Key

The fact that White Castle has managed to come up with a slick idea to reach out to their base is critical. They understand that they are appealing to hungry college students. But even the finest restaurants can make use of the web 2.0 revolution to get more people in the door.

Higher end restaurants may also have a Facebook page, however it could be available by invitation only. Or maybe you work with LinkedIn, the professional version of Facebook. The possibilities are endless and you only need to use your imagination to come up with an idea that will work for you.

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