Life Imitates Art–iCarly Spaghetti Tacos are the Latest Craze for the Preteen Set

When does a gag become more than a gag? When the gag is seen on a popular TV show it would seem. The Nickelodeon Network, which caters to the preteen set, offers a number of shows that are designed to entice young viewers to tune in every day or week. However, one of their shows, iCarly, seems to have enticed their young viewers to try a new culinary delicacy–spaghetti tacos.

The show revolves around Carly, who makes her own Internet web show and her older brother Spencer, the character responsible for the new dining phenomenon. The idea was supposed to be a one time gag that show creator Dan Schneider came up with when brother Spencer had to cook dinner. It became a running gag, reappearing periodically on the show. Today is considered a favorite of the 8-12 year old set.

Why iCarly Could Make A Perfect Menu Addition for Family Restaurants

We’re not yet aware of any restaurants having added the spaghetti taco to their menus. But it’s only a matter of time before the carb-laden food becomes a hit in a restaurant whose owner is smart enough to take the plunge and bring in more family business by offering a treat that the kids will love.

While this is a low-carb dieter’s worst nightmare, those trying to offer kids menus that will get kids excited about coming to a restaurant could do worse than to offer hard shell tacos filled with spaghetti and sauce.

In fact, we can see the idea taking off and spawning a whole menu of different kid-friendly Tacos that even some parents may appreciate. Maybe add in some fresh veggies in order to give the meal some redeeming qualities?

Dessert Tacos, Too

Of course, if you really want to attract the kids to your establishment (and let’s face it, the kids often drive a lot of decision making process of where to eat), you could try innovating with dessert versions of the tacos.

According to those in the know, such a version has already been tried, featuring brownie mix, strawberry jam and white frosting. Who knows? You might even build a whole restaurant around the idea.

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