Celebrating “Chocolate Week”

Ah, chocolate. It’s the stuff of dreams for many of us. For some, it’s something to be avoided either because of diabetes or allergies. But no matter where you fall on the spectrum, you can’t help but be fascinated by America’s favorite guilty pleasure.

The Ultimate Chocolate Show

Well this September 27th, if you happen to be in Las Vegas, you can see the ultimate chocolate show, the U.S. Finals for the World Chocolate Masters. It will be taking place at the International Baking Industry Exposition and will choose one finalist to compete for the “world cup” of chocolate in Switzerland this year

We’ve seen some pretty amazing creations in chocolate, including a dress made entirely of chocolate (no, we’re not kidding – it was at a chocolate show in Belgium a few years ago), but we’re also expecting some pretty amazing creations to be on display in Las Vegas this year.

Chocolate Week can Help Your Food Service

However, besides the excitement of seeing materials put on display in Vegas where people out to gamble can also check out the latest in the sweet delicacy, there is also a real chance for restaurateurs to make the most of this spectacle.

We’re suggesting that restaurateurs pick favorites from the chocolate competition and use them to drive sales in their establishments. In essence, by piggybacking on the show in Vegas, we can ensure that our customers will be engaged and want to spend more of their own money buying whatever we care to whip up involving chocolate.

How to Cash In on Chocolate Week

And virtually any restaurant can participate in such a “chocolate week.” We’ve seen creations ranging from chocolate sushi (it’s shaped like sushi, served as desert at a sushi restaurant, but filled with chocolate mousse instead of rice and fish) to deep fried chocolate bars.

As you can see, chocolate can be worked into any menu, regardless of cuisine or clientele. There is a market for virtually anything you might be able to come up with to drum extra desert business at your own establishment. So get your creative juices flowing and show America why we love chocolate!

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