The Coffee Comeback: Why Breakfast has Become a Meal to Eat Outside the Home

Coffee, in spite of the advice of budget experts who recommend that people drink it at home on the cheap is not only doing well, but is actually showing an increase in sales value.

That’s because more people than ever are going out for breakfast – a meal traditionally underserved by most restaurant chains since it was assumed that the first meal of the day would be consumed at home before racing off to work.

Getting to Work Earlier Means Getting a Decent Breakfast is Harder than Ever

The reasons for the trend are clear: in spite of the fact that the Great Recession has been pushing people to try to save money, people are working even harder to make sure they can keep their jobs so that they don’t have to worry about saving money (at least not as much).

That means more workers than ever are grabbing an early breakfast out before heading into the office, just so they can show the boss how dedicated they are to the cause and thus avoid being the next person to be laid off.

What the “Coffee Breakfast” Means for You

Increasing the selection of morning foods and of course coffee can only be a good thing for most restaurant owners. As more workers decide to eat out, those who get in early on this trend will see the most benefit as people start to stick with their usual routine.

Keep it Fast

The one key component that restaurateurs should be keeping in mind however is that speed is of the essence. Breakfast meals out are not likely to be considered a luxury where people are sitting down for a slow breakfast. Instead, expect customers to be in and out briskly, demanding fast service and possibly even office delivery.

You can also improve your bottom line by offering online ordering where a meal can be ordered through the Internet and then delivered directly to the office for the person to eat a their desk.

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