Technology Lovers Also Love Eating Out New Study Shows

It turns out that all those people plugging in their laptops at your restaurant may be good for business after all. A new study from Technomic shows that people who embrace technology more readily, including such products as smart phones, the new Apple iPad and of course social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter are prime customers for restaurants.

Do Tech Lovers Eat Out More Often?

Technomic surveyed about 1,000 people and found that just 8 percent of them could be called “innovators” or those who actually help create the new technologies while another 15 percent considered themselves “early adopters,” or people who bought into new technology almost as soon as it arrived on the market. The important thing for restaurateurs, however, was that the study found that both these groups of people tended to eat out more than the general public.

The survey showed that 83 percent of those who are classified as “innovators” are regular restaurant eaters and 72 percent of “early adopters” made the same claim. Just 65 percent of the remaining people in the survey said they eat out at least once a week. Even more telling was that 53 percent of innovators and 35 percent early adopters told Technomic that they eat out at fast casual restaurants regularly as opposed to just 20 percent of the general population.

Social Media for Restaurants

This means that restaurateurs need to start embracing new technology by offering various platforms to interface with their customers, including Facebook pages (Starbucks for example, an early adopter of this trend has now reached 10 million fans for their Facebook page) and Twitter updates.

Online Ordering Anyone?

Offering well thought out online ordering options may also help restaurateurs tap into this emerging market of technology buffs. Such innovations have been led by, of all places, the pizza industry, where major players such as Pizza Hut have made it super simple to place an order entirely on the Web.

Restaurateurs eager to tap into this new group of consumers, the Millenials or Generation Y as they are sometimes known can do so by making their restaurants as tech friendly as possible, offering free wifi and laptop plugs for customers to charge their equipment.

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