Make your Menu More Inviting and Try Offering New Salads.

More than ever before, Americans are trying to find healthy things to eat. As much as we still love our Big Mac and fries, Americans in droves are looking for salads instead. However, many people feel turned off when they see all that green. Wendy’s has come up with a new idea for salads and it’s one that you may want to try as well.

Try Completely New Menu Ideas

Wendy’s is calling their salads “totally reinvented and they certainly sound like it. Instead of the traditional green lettuce and red tomatoes topped with a piece of chicken, one of the new salads from Wendy’s includes red and green apples, blue cheese crumbles, pecans, cranberries and of course the requisite chicken fillet.

Now we’re not saying to copy the new Wendy’s salad fruit for fruit. Instead, we’re suggesting you get together with your staff and start trying to think of new ways to create salads that never existed before and that will include things people really want to eat.

A Strong Market for Salads

Salads now represent a significant and growing portion of the market for fast and slow food. That’s why virtually every major fast food joint has started offering leafy greens on their menus. However, those leafy greens may never attract the diner who likes things sweet and crunchy. For them, consider using ideas like the ones Wendy’s used. Start creating brand new salads that reflect the tastes of your clientele.

Taste Test First

Of course, before you start selling your new salad creations to unsuspecting customers who may say horrible things about your place if they don’t like them, be sure to test the salads first. Look for friends, family, staff members or regular customers that you know will tell you the truth and ask them what they think. You may also want to hire a professional market research company to test the salads if your budget allows for that.

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