Juicy Burgers: From Fast Food to Fine Dining

It seems that regardless of high unemployment rates, concerns over rising healthcare costs and soaring grocery prices, juicy burgers are as popular as ever. Although the burger originated in Hamburg, Germany the hamburger is just about as American as apple pie and few are ready to cut this family favorite out of the budget.

The desires of the consumer’s palate when it comes to burgers are similar regardless of whether they purchase their favorite beef burger at a fast food restaurant or if they satisfy their burger craving at their favorite fine dining establishment.

Price and the Premium Burger
According to a recent study conducted by Technomic, Inc. one thing consumers agree on is that they desire a good tasting, flavorful burger made of quality ingredients. For many, nearly a third of those surveyed, paying top dollar for a premium burger is worth it as long as the burger satisfies some basic requirements:

  • Quality: Nearly 75% of those in search of a premium burger said they look for quality beef like Angus or Wagyu.
  • Cut: Nearly as many consumers look for a quality cut like sirloin.

Burger Toppings Count
The Technomic study found that quality and taste of the ingredients piled on top of the burger are also important. For a full 41% of respondents, the taste and quality of the toppings ranked as the first or second most important part of the burger experience. Sticking to fresh, quality ingredients is one way to ensure flavorful toppings that satisfy the demands of the burger connoisseur.

Portion Size is an Issue
It seems that portion sizes are a recurring theme among restaurant patrons these days. This blog has touched on this issue in a couple of other posts and we see it here again with burgers.

According to the Technomic study almost half, or 47%, of respondents expressed a desire for some choice in the size of burger they purchase. Consumers are looking for mini-burger options as well as half-pounders and everything in between.

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