Burgers: Always in Vogue with both Blue and White Collar Types

The mention of burgers often evokes images of harried parents slogging through a jam-packed drive thru with screaming, snot-nosed kids crammed in the backseat; however as Technomic, Inc. recently reported, this all-American popular menu item is the current rage among both blue and white collar workers.

Burgers–Fancy That
The love of the burger appears to be a constant among all sectors of the population, including both blue and white collar workers. The appearance of the burger in both fast food as well as high end eating establishments is evidence of our national love of the juicy dish.

In fact, according to Technomic, Inc. more than 30% of customers are willing to pay premium prices for a burger made from good quality Angus meat and high-end cuts like sirloin. In addition, Technomic, Inc. reported that 41% of respondents stated that the quality and taste of the toppings is nearly as important as the quality of the meat.

It would appear that, regardless of tough economic times, burgers – especially premium, specialty burgers, are in demand.

Beer and Burgers — Seize the Moment
Clearly, this opportunity hasn’t been lost on Samuel Adams of the Boston Beer Company who recently teamed up with Jake Dickson of Dickson’s Farmstand Meats, to create a specialty, high-end beef cut that will pair perfectly with the finely crafted beer.

Restaurateurs might also consider taking advantage of the burger trend by considering new and creative ways to include the item on their menus. The Technomic, Inc. report suggested that approximately 50% of customers would appreciate burgers offered in various sizes including miniature and half-pound options.

Full-Service Burgers
Full-service and fine dining establishments can take the Technomic, Inc. information and use it to their advantage by offering its clientele a burger that is something special, unique and high end. Offering size selection is likely to make the meaty items too tempting to refuse.

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