Go Green and Attract More Dining Customers in a Tough Economy

Restaurateurs throughout the nation are trying to figure out the best methods for attracting customers in a tough economy. As customers begin to return to their pre-recession entertainment and dining pleasures, restaurant owners are eager to understand this new market and the best way to build a thriving business that will last into the future.

NRA Research Supports Going Green
Restaurateurs aren’t the only ones curious about the spending habits of the recently bruised consumer. Research has been conducted by various agencies throughout the industry including the National Restaurant Association (NRA).

The NRA’s 2007 survey found that 62% of respondents weigh a restaurant’s environmental friendliness when choosing a place to dine. A full 44% of respondents in 2009 stated that they consider the restaurants’ energy and water conservation practices when choosing an eating establishment.

Even more telling was the Yankelovich data which revealed that an environmentally friendly, or green, restaurant is one which is likely to motivate them to dine there even during this tough economy.

Taking Steps towards Clearly Defined Goals
Some restaurateurs have steadily made changes over the years in order to build a more environmentally friendly establishment. Such restaurateurs are in a good position to attract the savvy “green” consumer; however be aware that some consumers are leery of being misled. It’s important that you carefully consider how you present the green efforts being made by the establishment.

Other restaurant owners have yet to create comprehensive environmental strategy. For these owners, creating clearly defined goals and taking steps to reach them is a good starting place. According to TerraChoice Environmental Marketing, consumers will reward these efforts by supporting the establishment.

Third Party Certification
One way to gain credibility with customers is to invest in third-party certification. Organizations like Green Seal and the Green Restaurant Association provide environmental assessments and consulting to help the restaurateur create an environmentally sustainable establishment.

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One Response to “Go Green and Attract More Dining Customers in a Tough Economy”

  1. Natalie Friton Says:

    Jim, I’d love to share a press release and case study with you on behalf of a client that was heavily involved in helping to develop the NRA’s new Greener Restaurants program. Greener Results is a sustainability consulting group based in Richmond and may be of interest to you for future posts in discussing how restaurants can go green. I’d be happy to send you the release and case study to review. Thank you!
    Natalie Friton

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